How can physiotherapy help you?

Are you struggling with a bad back? Perhaps you’re looking for ways of managing your pain and stiffness? Here’s our guide to how physiotherapy can help you, as part of Backcare Awareness Week 2016.

Mobilisation – this movement decreases pain and restores the normal movements of the spine

Manipulation – this is where the joint is taken to its end of range and stretched a little further. You’ll hear a click which is a little bubble of air being released from the joint as the pressure inside the joint changes with the stretch. Manipulation helps to decrease pain and restore normal movement in the joint

Soft tissue treatments – these help to release muscle spasm, tightness, pain and trigger points, which in turn helps the joints to move more freely and normally

Acupuncture – this may be used to help release muscle spasm and trigger points, and reduce pain

Self-help techniques – advice and tips to help you manage day-to-day and get you back to living your life to the full

Pilates / exercise – exercises to help reduce and manage pain, prevent the day-to-day postural stresses on your spine, and strengthen and challenge the core muscles

Electrotherapy – Ultrasound and interferential and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) may be used to help reduce pain and inflammation


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