Change is inevitable: flow with it

Back2Balance’s Owner and Leader Physiotherapist, Karen Fergus, reflects on 2016 and a time of change

Change. I don’t know if you are like me but I dislike change. I struggle with it; can’t get my head round it. But defeatedly, I accept it. As I reflect on 2016, there has been plenty of change, more this year than ever, compared to the last six years since I opened the clinic  – both at Back2Balance and at home.

At the beginning of the year things had found their rhythm, I thought, for the year. My eldest had enjoyed her first term of reception and my youngest had found her groove at nursery. Myself and Lukasz were the physio team at work, like-minded in our treatment approaches and kindred spirits in our love for teaching Pilates.

I smile when I remember the red faces and the reports of  “bootcamp” from the patients who attended his classes. So when he said he was leaving, I was crushed, but totally understood and encouraged his desire to take an opportunity to progress in his physiotherapy career.

The search for a new physio was filled with challenges. As all you working mums know, trying to juggle family life and work life is hard enough without adding extra responsibilities. But there was no time to moan about the change, I just had to get on and do it. Four months later, Davide was welcomed to the team. And he was worth the wait. Aside from the obvious Italian charm, I couldn’t believe my luck to have found another like-minded physio with additional skills different to my own.

Not only that, I also welcomed Charlotte to the team. One of my dedicated class attendees since the birth of her youngest child, Charlotte developed a love for Pilates that she decided to make it her career.

Although I wouldn’t normally agree with this, at times it really is not what you know but who you know. A conversation with a patient, lead to a conversation with their neighbour, which lead to a conversation with their friend – a specialist physiotherapist, who just happened to be moving to Walthamstow and wanted to teach Pilates. Incredible. Welcome Hannah the next new member of the team!

So team Back2Balance has reformed and grown. I’m beginning to think I might quite like change. I definitely feel blessed to have found such amazing people to work with.

As 2016 rolls to a close, we’ve also said goodbye to David, my partner in crime, my rock and constant for many years. We’ve said hello again to Yasemin our holistic therapist and hello and now goodbye to Felicia, who brought a reminder of youth and Instagram into my life but after a break has decided to return to architecture.

With both girls now aged six and four at school – their personalities so different and yet so alike – I observe the huge change in them. Their language, words they can’t read or write clearly understood and used in spoken context, and their awareness of themselves, each other and of me and my partner Simon. It continually amazes and dumbfounds me, how much, in such a small period of time, they’ve grown.

So the lesson I’ve relearned this year, is change is an inevitable part of life and for the most part, once I’ve gotten over the uncomfortable squirming feeling, results in a positive thing –  to grow, expand, develop and learn. Here’s to 2017 – a year for change.




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